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Step 1 – Clean off Site

Remove sticks, debris, and rocks over 1″. Weeds should be hoed or sprayed. Consult your local nursery for the proper chemicals and methods to remove weeds (such as bermudagrass, crabgrass, etc.).

Step 2 – Till Soil

Turn soil to a depth of 4-6″ with a rototiller cover soil with 2″ of organic matter (approximatley 6′ per 1000sf) such as landscape mix and rototill again to incorporate the native soil with the landscape mix. Now is the time to put in a sprinkler system. Install your spinkler system.

Step 3 – Grading & Rolling

Grade your lawn site to form a crown at the center so extra water will flow off the lawn, and away from the house. The lawn bed should slope gradually to the edges, which should be ¾” – 1″ below sidewalks, edging, and patios to accommodate the thickness of the sod. Roll surface to reveal low areas. Fill these in, as they would cause water to stand on the lawn. Re-rake the soil to a smooth finish. We recommend that you now add preplant fertilizer on top of the prepared lawn bed, except in hot weather (over 90 degress) in this case just put the pre-plant fertilizer down on the next day in the am, when it’s cool.

Be sure ground preparation is complete before your sod arrives. Sod is perishable and must be installed immediately within 24 hours.