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Double Dwarf Champion – Water Saver Certified

Grown with Water Saver Qualified Grass Seed

Our most drought resistant and durable blend of 90% Double Dwarf Tall Fescue, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass. This variety performs best with at least 4 hours of direct sunlight, but will tolerate full sun as well. The root system on this variety goes 2-4 feet into the soil (depending on your soil preparation and type of soil).

Once established you are only watering every 4th day in the summertime, in extreme drought once established this variety can go 30 days without water. It also grows slower in the wintertime which saves on fertilization and mowing. Our most popular variety, a great choice for your family or commercial project.

Watch the video – Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance


Grown with Water Saver Qualified Grass Seed

A mixture of 80% Double Dwarf Tall Fescue, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass, 10% Perennial Ryegrass. This variety needs at least 5 hours of direct sunlight and is known for its finer texture and durability. Prestige blends the same high quality Double Dwarf Tall Fescue’s and Kentucky Bluegrass of the Double Dwarf Champion while the Perennial Ryegrass gives it the finer texture and durability.

Grass Farm offers the same high quality seed varieties used in our premium products. We feature cool season varieties plus many other native mixes and warm season mixes and blends. During our 45 plus years of turf production, we’ve come to rely on the following varieties:

Click to view the seed varieties we carry.

We can also custom blend many different varieties to meet your specific demands.

Other mixes available:

  • Wildflower, assorted mixes
  • Erosion Control, irrigated and non-irrigated
  • Pasture Grasses, irrigated and non-irrigated
  • Native mixes, irrigated and non-irrigated

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Pre-Plant Fertilizers

6-24-24 Preplant Fertilizer
50lb bag – covers 3500 sf
5-20-10 Sure Start Preplant Fertilizer*
5lb & 16lb bags – 5lbs per 250 sf

*Available in Organic

Maintenance Fertilizers

21-7-14 Turf Royal Maintenance Fertilizer
50lb bag – covers 10,000 sf
20-6-7 Fall & Winter Feed
16lb bag – covers 4000 sf
10-1-4 Nature’s Green Lawn Food (Organic)
10lb bag – covers 1,000 sf

Compost & Soil Amendments

Landscape Mix

Rich long lasting blend of organic compost and humus.

Bagged Material
Top Coat Mulch
1.5 cf
EBS Recipe 420
10lb bag – covers 1,000 sf
Greenall Container Planter Mix
2 cf
Cactus Mix
8qt & 20qt
Granular Gypsum

Cal CM 50lb (supplies calcium & sulfur to the soil which helps overcome alkaline soils and loosen clay or adobe soils)


Gopher Wire 19 gauge Gopher Wire pins Gopher Wire Baskets – 1gal, 5 gal, 15gal & 24 gal Bonide Mole Max
Bonide Repels All
Gopher Traps

See Wire Installation Instructions


Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellant – Environmentally Safe

Sluggo Slug & Snail

Safe for domestic animals & wildlife


Bonide Grub Beater – annual protection

Prohibit Pre-emergent